We aim to be the most complete business and institutional phone directory in the United Kingdom.

United House is an always growing, always developing British business and institutional directory which aims to provide useful information to the general audiences. We disclose contact data and basic institutional information on a wide range of highly requested entities, including all major British companies and providers, Government offices and a number of public services every Briton needs to deal with any sooner or later in life.



Our goal is to become you first choice, useful phone guide and data file for any consultation about these companies. We also provide direct access numbers to customer service and relevant departments in all businesses listed here, so you don't have to waste your time and money watining for someone to pick up your call or say they can't do anything for you, to call other number... Instead, we make sure we do our research first and only display the most useful and direct contact phone number for all entities listed. No waiting, no automated response and no redirection.

The three basics of our service




We know it can be difficult and tiring to get contact information for many companies and even public services in the UK. If you're looking for such information in web listings like this, it means that you have already experienced frustration in finding contact data. Perhaps the product of the company or the bill from the public office didn't have any on it, or just disclosed useless numbers and dead end contact options.

We want to provide the best service to you, so you can find what you want in a very short time and with no effort. We want to do the job for you, search and check all contact data and give it to you clear and simple. No more time wasted or energy draining failed attempts. Just immediate solutions and complete information, all in one place.

 Lack of accuracy is one of the plagues of online directories, but believe it or not it also affects official websites of companies or public offices that for one reason or another fail to update their contact information online. Some events like companies changing owners, merging or changing their customer contact departments can result in complete changes in contact information.

We take our time to check every single number we put on display, as well as every link to the company or institution's website that we show you in our articles. When you find contact data on this website, you can be sure that you have accurate and updated information that will be useful for you.

 You might get lost among the ocean of information that you can find in the Internet. If you Google a company or a public service, you will find pages and pages of text you might not need to read. In order to get your questions solved or your complaints listened to, all you need is a number or a specific bit of information.

When you consult Union House, you don't need to waste time reading paraghraph after paragraph, skipping ads and waiting for pages to load. We get it simple and direct. Only relevant information for your purposes, so you can get your problem solved and move on with your life.

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